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Quick Tip #6 – "The Three No's of Naughty"

Wildly Wonderful Winning

If you want to ensure that your sex-life keeps getting better and better, well then get more and more curious. Ask questions. Find new edges. Make it safe to explore and express.

Let your beloved know that their desires are important to you. Even if what turns them on, doesn’t turn you on – you ARE still turned on by them getting turned on, right?

Tell your beloved that the exploration of the outer limits of their sexual desires or “Pleasure Boundaries” (as our Fights Clean SexDirty TV interviewee, Jon Benson calls them), are part of a unique adventure the two of you can go on.

Exploring these limits will create a tidal wave ripple effect of benefits as a couple and as individuals, body, mind and spirit.

Say Sayonara to Shame

Make it safe and inviting for them to express what might be edgy for them. Set the intention to steer clear of any shame or embarrassment. This is a new frontier. An exploration of the most epic proportions that can open up new worlds of wonderful to experience.

There are no right or wrong answers, just exploration. Or as we like to call it, PLAY!

Consider that whether you’re male or female, you’ve likely been shamed your whole life around sex. Men’s sexuality is often portrayed as single-minded, deviant, perverted and even pathological. Women’s sexuality tends to get labeled as loose, slutty or a tease.

There’s plenty more than enough pressure to believe that sex is bad and so are YOUR desires.

Yet what would it be like if you liberated each other from any shame, embarrassment or repression? What would it be like to get rid of the guilt? Wouldn’t you like to put an end to any embarrassment? How about about saying sayonara to shame? YES covers all of that.

Make It Safe To Explore And Express

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